Baseball games pause for Luke Bresette

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – And those prayers continued in Birmingham’s Southside Saturday morning.

Players with the Southside Baseball Association released 10 balloons in Luke’s honor.

They then joined together at 10:05 for a minute of prayer.

Organizers say they want the Bresette family to know they are with them in spirit, if not in person.

Christine McLean says, “We’ve not publicly rallied around this family, and then when I saw the obituary, I realized that this funeral was going to start at 10:05 in Kansas City and thought wow, this is just a perfect way to honor and pay tribute to this child at a baseball field at 10:05.”

The 10:05 start time for the day’s events was significant because professional baseball games traditionally begin at five minutes after the hour. Baseball was Luke’s favorite sport.

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