New Home For Church

CLANTON, Ala. (WIAT) – This Sunday marks a fresh start for a clanton church that was displaced when part of a building fell in on its fellowship hall.
The building wasn’t always filled with the joyful sound of gospel music. It started off as a club. Now it’s the new home for Fellowship Church of God.
The congregation lost their former location- when part of the historic brick building collapsed.
Luckily no one was hurt.
Or maybe it wasn’t luck at all. Either way- in the mind of Bishop Warren Tyus this is all part of God’s plan. Not his.
After a building collapse forced the congregation out of their last home in February, they never gave up hope.
They found a perfect building for rent in a nearby neighborhood.
Waren says, “We’ll be able to shake hands and talk to the people on the street and try to encourage them to come in. I don’t mean to be pompous or anything, but I believe God already planned this for us. I believe this building is our building we claiming this building.”
Bishop Tyus is also planning to raise enough money to buy the location- he says even if the church has to sell hot dogs- he’s confident they can make it happen.

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