Cordova police tracking down more crime

CORDOVA, Ala. (WIAT) – Cordova Police Chief Nick Smith says criminals in his town have nowhere to hide.

The department ran down more than a dozen outstanding warrants in April through the National Crime Information Center.

Arrests are up with 34 people booked in April. That’s more than January through March combined.

In addition to clearing up nearly one million dollars in outstanding warrants, Chief Smith says he wanted to enroll in the NCIC program for the safety of his officers.

Smith says, “Before in Cordova when an officer made a traffic stop they would have to wait about ten to fifteen minutes to get vital information on whether that person was wanted or not while another department ran NCIC for them.”

Smith says anyone who has an outstanding warrant should quickly make arrangements for a new court date or pay their fine, otherwise they risk going to jail the next time they’re pulled over.

The city pays four hundred dollars a month for NCIC, but Smith says it’s more than worth it.

So far the department has collected $2300 in fines since starting the program in April.

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