Missing dogs: Where do they go?

WALKER COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) – Losing a pet is a traumatic experience.  Not knowing who or what is responsible can make the situation even worse.

Stolen pets can be used as “bait dogs” to help certain breeds learn how to fight.

They can also be sold to veterinary institutions for testing and experimentation.

Brokers find them at animal flea markets and in newspapers ads.

Veterinarian Robin Roberts hears about missing dogs every day.

He debunks the theory that wild animals could be responsible.  He says Coyotes are not going on the hunt for dogs at night like many people believe. Their howls typically make dogs run in the opposite direction according to him.

Roberts says pet owners do need to watch out for hawks.  They prey on small dogs and cats. Hawks hunt in plain site on power lines and can snatch up your small pet if left unattended.

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