Home brewing a bonding occasion for Birmingham man and his son

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Stuart Carter is a bit of a craftsman, but he also loves spending time with his young son, even when he’s learning how to make his own beer at home.

“By bringing my son along, by brewing beer at home and being part of his daily life, it will give [Carter’s son] an appreciation and respect for all alcoholic beverages,” Carter said.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley recently signed a bill that legalized home brewing.

Once that happened, Birmingham business Hop City didn’t waste any time in telling people that they have everything needed to make all types of brews.

Carter is on the board of the group Free the Hops.

The group lobbied legislators to raise the limit of alcohol in beers to 13.9 percent.

As such, Carter is quick to admit that he enjoys a tasty craft beer.

However, he also thinks he can educate his son about alcohol and how to drink responsibly once he’s 21, all by brewing alcohol at home.

“When you demystify something, particularly for teenagers, it becomes boring,” Carter said. “It doesn’t become, ‘I can go slam half a keg or some mass beer,’ it becomes, ‘Oh, dad does that on the weekends. Let me go do something interesting like study.’ ”

As Carter studies the best ways to craft a beer, he’s just glad that his son has come along for the ride.

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