Birmingham places cap on towing fees

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – After two years of debate, the Birmingham City County passed a new ordinance regulating towing and booting within city limits.

The new regulations are contained in a 50 page document passed by council Tuesday. One of the most talked about portions places a $160 cap on the amount a towing company can charge for non-non consensual towing. Previously there was not a cap and the city’s primary towing company charged nearly $300.

A business owner who spoke at the council meeting expressed concern about a portion of the ordinance that forces some businesses to install a fence between their lot and street parking. A Barber Companies spokesperson said there is too much ambiguity in that portion of the ordinance. Otherwise, the company says they support the measure.

The ordinance has several other components, including placing guidelines of the size, color and font used on ‘No Parking’ signs.

To see the entire ordinance for yourself, click here.

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