Tuesday weather causes issues across the Birmingham area

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — It came hard and fast. Rain, heavy winds and lightening swept through the area, each leaving their respective marks.

In Homewood, a tree fell on power lines, causing clean-up crews to block off roads.

It’s an all too familiar headache for Matt Ragan, a medical student who’s trying to enjoy summer break.

“It isn’t much of a summer if you’ve got to sit inside all day,” he said while watching the crews cut up the tree. ”I’m tired of the rain, ready for it to go away.”

It was a similar story in Pinson, where a tree fell on power lines over Sweeney Hollow Road, forcing several cars to reroute.

In Hoover, two houses were struck by lightning and caught fire.

Nobody was home at the first fire, but a teenager was inside when the second bolt hit. She escaped with no injuries.

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