Public safety concerns over Walker Co’s new budget

WALKER COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) - Walker County Commissioners approved next year’s budget,  however, a the sheriff’s office says they’ve cut too deep into their five million dollar law enforcement budget.

Deputies and jailers wanted county commissioners to see who they were voting on Monday morning. not just a budget but people.

A group showed up to watch the final vote at the courthouse.

Sheriff John Mark Tirey says public safety should be a top priority.
He needs to replace a patrol fleet which he describes as almost unrepairable.

Deputies say it’s not uncommon to breakdown while transporting a busload of convicts to Montgomery

The commission made four-percent across the board cuts for all departments … which means the sheriff’s office and jail will be working with about 230-thousand dollars less in the coming year.

One deputy says when a family member has been broken into or someone is hurt, it’s hard to explain why “help” is waiting on a tow-truck..

Chairman Billy Luster says all of the departments were given a fair four percent cut … to avoid a massive loss of jobs and benefits down the road.

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