Best-selling author Tom Clancy has died at age 66

Tom Clancy, whose high-tech, Cold War thrillers such as “The Hunt for Red October” and “Patriot Games” made him the most widely read and influential military novelist of his time, has died. He was 66.


Firefighter Fashion Show preview

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Neither side softening before meeting

The political stare-down on Capitol Hill shows no signs of easing, leaving federal government functions — from informational websites, to national parks, to processing veterans’ claims — in limbo from coast to coast.

Glitches persist as gov't blames high demand

For millions of Americans trying to log in, the online insurance marketplaces created by the new health care law began with a stalled website, an error message or a menu that didn’t work.

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Bluff Park Art Show

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Homewood apartment complex will see major changes soon

“We've been proactive. We don't have to be as reactive. It's planning ahead,” Superintendent Bill Cleveland said. “It's working with a strategic plan, working with the mission of what’s going to help us reach each child's unique potential.” …

Almost 800 gov. employees on furlough in Anniston

The rest of the employees were allowed to come to work for four hours Tuesday morning to collect their belongings and prepare to stay away from the office until the government shut-down comes to an end. …